Connettore SMA Maschio crimp per cavo RG58 / XT2400

Codice prodotto: E000178 Conn. S


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SMA Male Crimp connector



SMA Male Crimp connector Electrical performance from DC to 12.4 GHz with flexible cable RG58 

SMA Male Crimp connector feature screw-type coupling. Semi-Rigid cabling XT2400 extends the frequency range of the device to 18GHz.

SMA Male Crimp connector offer broadband performance with low reflections and constant 50 ohm impedance.

These properties, along with minimum attenuation and low VSWR have made the SMA Male Crimp connector in the microwave community.

SMA Male Crimp connector are designed to conform to MIL-C-39012 specifications.



shell: brass goldplated
inner conductor: (beryllium or tin brass goldplated)
insulator: PTFE
crimping suite: copper alloy (nicked or goldplated)


MIL-C-39012; CECC 22110; IEC 60169-15



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