RL8 - Interfaccia a 8 Relè 12Vdc 16A con Led - Relay interface Omega Din

Codice prodotto: RL8-12-LED


Quantità disponibile: 1

Prezzo: 42,00€
RL8 - Interfaccia 8 Relè 12VDC 10A (16A Max) Singolo Contatto - (con Led in ingresso di segnalazione)
 - in Contenitore per Barra Omega/Din -


 - Tensione di Bobina relè: 12Vdc
 - Tipo di controllo in ingresso: Positivo (+12Vdc input)
 - Con Visualizzazione dello stato in ingresso (led verde)

 - Contenitore Plastico IP00 per Barra Omega/Din


 8 Relay Interface for Extended Range Applications

- 10A (16A Max) 250V on single Contact for 8 relay
- Led ON signal input
- Very Long Life full intensive on/off sw.
- 47.0 x 80.0 x 139.0 mm
- Isulated PVC Support for Omega-Din Guide
- EN55022 Conducted Emission level A
- EN55022 Radiated Emission level A
- CE European safety approvals
- 2 Year Warranty

Technical specifications:

- Number Inputs: 8

- Number Contacts: 8 dev. No/C/Nc
- Voltage of Control: 12V
- I(A) Max: 10A on Single Contact
- I(mA) relay coil: 15~25mA
- Dielectric Rigidity: 2 Kvac
- Operative Temperature: -20 / +80
- Test temperature: 25°C
- Isolation Coil-Contacts: 4 Kv at 25°C
- Isolation Contacts-Contacts: 2,5 Kv at 25°C
- weight: 194gr
- Dimension: 80mm(H) 47mm (D) 139mm (W)
- Bar Omega-Din PVC support


The RL8 is a 8 Relay universal interfaces. The RL8 represents the next generation of low cost relay interfaces, suitable for a host of worldwide low power applications. The RL8 is protected on PVC Bar Omega-Din support. The RL8 is supplied of connector at screw, this Modules can be interfaced to PLC and personal Applications or projects. Wing robustness and the elevated facility in the installation they make of this module indispensable element for a remarkable saving of time and production costs.

  • Download: RL8 DATASHEET

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